On May 2, 2019, the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection was visited by an honored guest — schema-archimandrite Elijah (Nozdrin), the confessor of the His Eminence Patriarch and one of the most revered confessors of our time. The clergyman of the cathedral, priest Ioan Zupko, conducted a tour and told about the most significant events in the history of the temple.

“We complain sometimes that people do not go to church. But how will they go to church if they live viciously and do not repent? The church is a congregation of the penitents, and not those who only occasionally enter the temple in any extreme need, and then forget about it. Sometimes one wonders to what extent some people do not find peace for themselves, spending themselves in caring for insignificant things. It does not do without the intervention of demons, offering care for vain, instead of taking care of the soul. As the sign of the last times, the saints point to this, for example, Nil Mirotochivy: “Multi-care will darken the feelings of a person insensitive to his salvation, so that he cannot feel salvation from many fleshly concerns, that is, people will not feel either the eternal life desire or fear of eternal condemnation” – schema-archimandrite Elijah.