On April 20, 2019, on Lazarus Saturday, the Head of the Don Metropolis, Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk, Mercury celebrated Divine Liturgy in the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection.

His Eminence was served by archpriest Gennady Makarenko, the dean of Aksai district, archpriest Valery Voloschuk, senior priest of the cathedral, hieromonk Artemy (Kuzmin), secretary of the Rostov diocesan administration, and acting the vicar of the Holy Don Starocherkassk Efremov Monastery, hieromonk Sergius (Kolomits), the clergy of the Rostov-on-Don diocese.

At the Divine service, the head of the Administration of the Starocherkassk rural settlement, Yevgeny Galitsyn, and numerous parishioners and pilgrims prayed.

The sermon before the Communion was delivered by the priest John Zupko, the church cleric.

At the Small Entrance, in connection with the upcoming Easter holiday, the Head of the Don Metropolis awarded a number of clerics of the Rostov-on-Don diocese.

At the end of the service, Metropolitan was greeted by Archpriest Valery Voloshchuk, senior priest of the cathedral. Then the Head of the Don Metropolis addressed the worshipers and the clergy with an archpastoral word, in which he recalled the evangelical events of the resurrection of the righteous Lazarus, and, in particular, said:

“The Lord returns man to life by His divine Word only. For the pastors, this is evidence that there is no person who even in the most difficult situation the Lord could not with His Word raise and heal. There is a great secret in this, the Word carries a huge charge of energy that human nature cannot oppose. And today, when we remember the events of the resurrection of the Lazarus by the Lord, we must remind ourselves of the greatness and significance of the Word of God, which is given to us for preaching, of which the pastors are conductors. We can give life to people by bringing this Word to their hearts …

The great and saving power of the Word of God is in our hands! Use this power, with reverence and trembling, carry it to the people and strengthen your own weaknesses with it. Let today’s example of the Gospel be to all of us in consolation, edification and salvation of our soul, which is called by the Lord himself to serve Him. ”

Afterward, the Head of the Don Metropolis congratulated the clergy of the diocese on receiving hierarchical awards and noted: “At such times, I always remember the words of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill that each such award is nothing more than a new cross to bear by the awarded. Therefore, accepting it with thanksgiving to the Lord, with humility ask God to give you new strengths your service. ”