On August 14, 2019, the feast of the Procession of the Precious Wood of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord, the day of the assumption fast start, the Head of the Don Metropolis, Metropolitan Mercury of Rostov and Novocherkassk, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection.

The Metropolitan was served by members of the diocesan Council, acting vicar of the St. Don Efrem monastery, Secretary of the diocesan administration of the Rostov-on-don diocese, Dean of the parishes of the Aksai district and clergy of the diocese, ordained over the past year.

The Liturgy was sung by the Metropolitan choir under the direction of the Protodeacon of the Rostov Cathedral Vladimir Zubritsky.

During the Divine Liturgy, the Head of the don Metropolitanate made a consecration: hierodeacon Seraphim (Balenko) was ordained hieromonk.

Praying at the Liturgy were mother superior of the Iveron monastery hegumeness Rachel sisters, the Cossacks of Aksay District, and numerous parishioners and pilgrims.

A sermon before Holy Communion was delivered by priest Dionisy Sakovich.

On the feast of the Procession of the Precious Wood of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord was 8 years since the first service of His Eminence on the Don land. At the end of the service, Archpriest Gennady Makarenko, Dean of the parishes of the Aksai district, congratulated the Metropolitan on this memorable date on behalf of the clergy.

In response, the Head of the Don Metropolis welcomed all the worshipers with the beginning of the assumption fast and, in particular, said:

“Today we have heard the amazing words of the Holy Apostle: for those who perish, the cross is foolishness, and for us who are saved, it is the power of God, His wisdom. The power of the life-giving cross of the Lord, which God left to His Church after the suffering, saves, protects, preserves, admonishes and instructs us. And most importantly, it strengthens us on the way we are going. And what path have Christian? The Way Of Christ. The road is not straight, full of potholes, sorrows and vicissitudes, and it leads to Calvary. Each person has his own cross in life, his own Calvary, what he should experience as the crucifixion of himself to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The clergy and laity cordially congratulate Metropolitan Mercury on the anniversary of his service at the Don Metropolis and prayerfully wish good health, peace of mind and God’s help in the upcoming service.