A meeting on the reburial of the remains of the Don atamans-heroes was held at the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection.

The meeting was attended by the senior priest of the cathedral Valery Voloshchuk, the military priest of the Great Don Army, the senior priest of the Patriarchal Ascension Cathedral, archpriest Georgy Smorkalov, the Cossacks and atamans of the all-great don army, the Cossacks of the “Union of Cossack soldiers of Russia and abroad” headed by the Supreme ataman of the organization, Cossack Colonel Nikolai Diakonov.

Back in 2013, during a research expedition by cadets of the Shakhtinsky Ya. P. Baklanov Cossack cadet corps, the remains of A. A. Karpov, P. M. Grekov and G. A. Dyachkin were found on the site of the family crypt of the Karpov family in the Dyachkin settlement of the Tarasovsky district of the Rostov region. After the forensic medical examination, the remains have been kept with honor for several years in the premises of The Starocherkassk resurrection military Cathedral. In the year of the 450th anniversary of the service of the Cossacks to The Russian state, the question of reburial of the remains of the don heroes of the Patriotic war of 1812, whose names are written in gold letters on the walls of the St. George Hall of the Kremlin and next to the don atamans-heroes in the crypt Church-tomb of the Patriarchal Voznesensky military all-Cossack Cathedral, began to be raised by Cossacks and members of the public. In particular, the issue was raised at a meeting of the Commission on interaction with the Russian Orthodox Church of the Council for Cossacks under the President of Russia. A number of letters with this question were sent to the Head of the Don Metropolis.