A copy practice of 3rd year students of the Academy of Architecture and Arts of the Southern Federal University took place in the Starocherkassk Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection.

Under the guidance of the honored artist of the Russian Federation, professor Igor Vladimirovich Rebrov, students copied works of monumental painting in architectural monuments, namely, New Testament plots in the cathedral choirs.

The choirs of the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection were built in 1775. All the plots are divided into two parts: compositions of the Old Testament and the New Testament and, most likely, written by two artists. The Old Testament compositions are enclosed in a baroque ornament close to a square, the Gospel compositions are inscribed in an ornament having the character of a circle. At the bottom of each composition, as a rule, in the middle, there is a cartouche, in which there is an explanatory inscription, sometimes rhymed.

The copy practice takes place within the framework of the parish’s cooperation with the Southern Federal University. It is worth noting that such work allows not only to touch the living history, to feel the scale, volume and space of a unique architectural monument, but also to see the life of an active temple.