The “Don Orthodox Ring the Bells” project is the winner of the Rostov Region Governor’s grant competition for the development of civil society in 2023.

October 8, 2023, students of schools in the city of Rostov-on-Don (№ 5, 60, 87, 91, 101 and Boarding School No. 28), as well as Sosnovskaya Secondary School of the Belokalitvinsky district of the Rostov region, together with the deputy director for educational work T.E.Kapuza, visited the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection with a bell tower.

The participants of the event were met by the senior priest of the Cathedral, archpriest Valery Voloshchuk and the curator of the project Olga Viktorovna Zvonareva, the head of the Rostov Regional Civil Movement “Synergy of Talents”.

Students not only visited fascinating excursions: “Russian church art of the X century – our time. Cultural and historical review”; “The culture and traditions of bell ringing as a reflection of significant events in the history of Russia”, but also took part in master classes: “Bell ringing”, “Gold embroidery”, “Icon Painting”, “Choral singing”, held within the framework of the project.

The tours were conducted by Vladimir Pavlovich, the altar men of the cathedral, and master classes were conducted by Olga Pavlovna Palanjyan, the head of the gold-embroidery workshop of the parish, and Ashot Razmikovich Palanjyan, the choir regent. As part of the project, children from Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region, having gained experience at the workshops held, will embroider a bell with the emblem of the “Don Orthodox Ring the Bells” project with their own hands during the year. School students managed to take part in the historical event and leave the first “golden trail”. The start is given!

As a result of the events, all participants received diplomas and bookmarks for books with the image of the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection with prayers and the emblem of the project as a gift.