On September 26, the Church celebrates the Founding of the Resurrection Cathedral (Holy Sepulchre) at Jerusalem. In honor of this memorable event, that occurred in the year 335, our Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection was consecrated.

The festive divine liturgy was led by the senior priest of the Cathedral Valeriy Voloshchuk. He was served by clerics of the parish of St. George priests Roman Zimin and John Tsupko, deacon Sergius Kropyvnytskyi, as well as priests, at various times served in our parish: Vladimir Chechanovsky, Alexander Oreshin, John Molchanov. All those gathered, both clerics and laity, were united by a warm and reverent attitude to the Resurrection Cathedral, which in recent years has become a special place for everyone.

In the sermon after the end of the liturgy, Archpriest Valery Voloschuk said that the words of greeting “Christ is Risen!” Should be on our lips and in our hearts not only on Easter days, that the theme of the Resurrection should be the tuning-fork of our entire Christian life!