On March 18, 2018, with the blessing of the senior priest Valeriy Voloschuk in the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection, the common communion of pupils, parents and teachers of the Sunday school, pupils, parents and teachers of the Patriotic Center, members of the youth movement Parikia took place. The Divine Liturgy was commented by priests. The students of the Sunday school were altar boys, they saung and read prayers.

The common communion in the time of the Great and Christmas Lents became traditional at our parish, but for the first time it passed under the arches of this ancient cathedral.

This is not the first service that is performed with the active participation of children and is accompanied by explanations of what is happening at the service. The purpose of such a Liturgy is to acquaint children and their parents with worship and church traditions, not theoretically, in words, but practically, in fact, involving them in parish life.

Pupils and teachers of the school prepared for this service in advance. Children learned to read Church Slavonic, studied the liturgical system, and also studied the chants of the Divine Liturgy. In spite of everything, both the altar boys and the choir managed, the service turned out beautiful and solemn. About two hundred and fifty people received Communion. Some students and parents first received this sacrament.

It should be noted that the experience of the common fasting, which all students of the school and their parents, as well as teachers, have started, preparing for a joint confession and Communion, gives an understanding that we really are the Church of Christ.

In the sermon the senior priest Valery Voloschuk noted that we are one family in Christ and encouraged parents to pay more attention to the upbringing of children in the Orthodox faith.

At the end of the Liturgy, a joint meal was held, cooked with love by the sisterhood, parishioners of our parish, parents of the Sunday school under the guidance of our florist Buchina Valeria Vasilyevna and the kitchener Kostyukova Olga Anatolyevna.

Pupils, parents and teachers express special thanks to our beloved father Valery! The service turned out to be heartfelt and memorable!