In the second week of Lent, the Divine Liturgy was held in the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection. Priest John Tsupko in his sermon noted the importance of today’s Gospel reading about the healing of the relaxed, which his relatives brought to Christ. Due to crowded people, they could not get into the house where the Lord was. But having boldness and love for the sick, they climbed onto the roof of the house, dismantled it and lowered the bed into the room to Christ. The miracle performed by the Lord, according to the faith of the sick relatives, shows how important prayer for our relatives is. Seeing our faith, God gives mercy.

On this day, the Church recalls St. Gregory Palamas, his teaching on the Divine Light and uncreated energies, on the Light that he himself felt and described while living in the monastery. Everyone can feel God personally. Through prayer and fasting, our heart is opened, and the soul is sanctified. It is to Gregory Palamas that we owe the Jesus Prayer, which the monks performed within themselves incessantly. During fasting, we try to educate ourselves to pray, to make efforts, to strive for God.

After the Liturgy, Priest John Tsupko conducted an excursion for military personnel, spoke about the history of the temple, the deeds of the Cossacks, their faith, and answered questions.