Near the temple, a two-tier bell tower rises. There is an inscription next to the western entrance: “To the glory of the Holy, consubstantial, life-giving and indivisible Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, during reign of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Catherine I this bell tower started by exertions of Don atamans and the Cossacks, in the time of the military ataman Andrei Ivanov, the son of Lapaten in 1725, and finished in the time of this ataman in 1730 and signed under the gracious Great Empress Anna Ioannovna the Autocrat of All-Russian 1733, January, 1st day

Its first floor consists of a huge cellar above the earth, with a vault, with an iron door and two windows, surrounded by a wide brick terrace, established on the same arches. This terrace until 1800 was enclosed around with an oak colored porch. The second floor consists of a large four-sided with a vault room, which has an iron door on the west side, and on the other three sides, there are two grated windows. On this floor, there were old military affairs, remained from military offices and some former villages of Cherkassk. On top of the massive “quadrangle” is a more elegant “octagon”. Previously, it was divided into two storerooms, with shelves attached to the walls, on which military affairs of different years lay. On the third floor, there are the bells.

The roof of the bell tower is covered with flat burned brick; however, as can be seen from the inventory of the church, compiled in 1817, before this it was covered with sheet iron and painted with green copper. Up from the roof, there is a stone octahedral spire with 40 round windows, in which, during the stay of the Army Government here, on solemn days, fire bowls were placed. Above the spire is a small green head, covered with iron, over which there is the cross of the finest work, adorned with stars and gilded with pure gold.