In 1775, a choir loft was built around the walls of the church, like the Kiev-Uspensky Lavra, surrounded by baluster. The underneath was painted. All the icons are divided into two parts: the compositions of the Old Testament and the New (evangelical) and, most likely, written by two artists. The Old Testament compositions are enclosed in a baroque ornament close to a square, the Gospel inscribed in a round ornament.

At the bottom of each composition, in the middle, there is a cartouche with an explanatory inscription, sometimes rhymed. Thus, the composition “Jesus before Caiaphas” is accompanied by the inscription:

“Before Caiaphas in the palace
Jesus was asked by him.
But He was silent.
That like a beast ferociously furious
Slapped Him in the face and falsely slandered “

The composition “Abel’s Sacrifice” is beautiful. At Cain’s feet is still life, beautifully painted, and the inscription:

“Graciously the gifts of Abel the Lord accepts,
But Cain’s wrong gifts are neglected”

The composition “Knowledge of Sin”, to the right of the tree, has the inscription: “Adam! Where are you? ”, And below, in the cartouche:

“And by severe divine voice were scared,
And hid, since the sin they have learnt ”