In 2019, 300 years have passed since the construction of the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection. The cathedral feast day will be celebrated on September 26 and is called Glorified Resurrection. On this day, the Church recalls the creation and consecration of Christ’s Resurrection Church (The Holy Sepulchre) in Jerusalem in 335. Trustees, parishioners of the cathedral and other people who are not indifferent to the church prepared several gifts for the holiday.

Several years have passed since the date of the last reconstruction and the cathedral has dilapidated a bit. Holes appeared in the roof, which led to the seepage of moisture and abundant collapses of plaster in the small domes of the cathedral, as well as the appearance of numerous spots on the ceiling of the gallery. Due to heavy winter rains and severe frosts, the stucco and brick of the bell tower were severely damaged.

The Resurrection Military Cathedral is an architectural monument of federal significance, therefore, all restoration work must be coordinated with the Ministry of Culture and have a high level of performance. Last year, the governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev signed a decree according to which the government of the Rostov region will pay for the restoration of the bell tower. Restoration began this spring. As in any large-scale event, it is not without difficulties, but it is believed that the prayers of all caring people provide invisible support to this benevolent work.

Parishioners and frequent guests of the cathedral this year witnessed the transformation of the area around the temple. Especially thank for this is the head of the administration of the Aksay region Vitaly Ivanovich Borzenko, the head of the administration of the Starocherkassk rural settlement Evgeny Viktorovich Galitsin and the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region Sergey Vladimirovich Rozhkov. Their care was laid asphalt and road curb. On the site on the north side, a network of paths was drawn with a motley paving pattern pleasing to the eye. It is planned to establish an art bridge across the stone fence, to plant trees and flowers. The project is being coordinated to construct a so-called warm toilet, which is so necessary for visitors and employees, near the bell tower at the site of the destroyed lodge.

We would like to express special thanks to the headman Vyacheslav Gorobchenko, who does so much for the cathedral. By his efforts, the sealing of holes in the roof was organized, and after that the destruction of plaster in the cathedral ceased, there are no new spots and peeling on the ceiling of the gallery.

Our parishioners, spouses Sergey and Elena Livinsky, accomplished a real feat by painting the ceiling of the entire gallery, which gave the church an elegant look. Many thanks to them for this.

The historic wrought silver and gilded Royal Gates of the cathedral were lost. The current wooden was made in the 20th century. After Easter, negotiations were held with the art workshop “Zodchie” from Nizhny Novgorod regarding the carving of missing elements and gilding of the gates. Masters came to Starocherkassk, made measurements and prepared sketch proposals to ensure that the gates corresponded to the style of the cathedral iconostasis. Then, with the blessing of the Metropolitan Mercury, the gates were removed and taken to Nizhny Novgorod, where they were supplemented with carved elements and are now gilded. The ancient gilding of the iconostasis has a darker color, therefore, in the technical task it was established that the Royal Gates should not be gilded as a complete remake, but slightly tinted, summing up the overall style of our iconostasis.

After the revolution, all church utensils were taken out of the cathedral. By the feast day, it was decided to restore the altar cross. In the historical annals of the cathedral there is a description of the Cross with the relics of Novgorod saints. Miraculously, it was possible to find particles of all relics listed in the annals of the Cross. The abbots of temples from other dioceses helped. Many thanks to the keeper of antiquities of the Rostov-on-Don diocese, hieromonk Mavriky (Zvyagintsev). By the Providence of God the year before last, a particle of the Holy Sepulcher was transferred to the cathedral. It will be inserted into the Cross in a reliquary immediately below the crucifix. We thank all the parishioners who donated funds for the restoration of the shrine.