The first thing that strikes at the entrance to the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection is the majestic carved iconostasis of 149 images of the Lord, the Virgin, saints and holydays. The iconostasis in an Orthodox church has many meanings. He helps to pray, tells the history of the Church, recalls that the Church is not limited to people praying here and now in the temple, but also includes saints who have long been reposed, even those whose names we do not know. The iconostasis is the main center of attraction, the eyes of all parishioners are directed at it, and therefore in the temple space it is one of the most important elements.

Unfortunately, the iconostasis of our cathedral, with all its beauty and splendor, is in a rather dangerous condition. Many icons, especially those located on the upper tiers, were never restored, and the restoration of some was performed poorly. The iconostasis requires prompt intervention in order to ensure that this significant, not only in a religious, but also in a cultural sense, is not lost.

By the grace of God, the Resurrection Cathedral was visited by a group of restorers of the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Center from Moscow. On September 10, the senior priest of the cathedral Valery Voloshchuk, met with restorers and checked the progress of work. Some of the images were removed from the iconostasis to renew and restore the lost fragments. As far as the height of the stairs allows, carved elements and icons have been cleaned of dust, cobwebs and soot, and the most dangerous images were strengthened and protected from paint peeling. According to the restorers, it is very good that we can get to work right now, as some icons might not have survived until the group’s next arrival.

It is worth noting that restoration work is complex, painstaking and important, but not too noticeable for a layman. Icons and carved elements have to be restored literally millimeter by millimeter and this requires great skill.

Restorers from ROSIZO are sure that the iconostasis of the Army Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection is a unique cultural and religious object not only for the Don land, but for the whole of Russia, and then it is worth any effort to restore it.

On September 26, our cathedral celebrates its 300th anniversary and it is gratifying to realize that after three centuries its most important shrines are still intact and zealous care is taken of them. We ask for prayers for the cathedral and for everyone involved in its restoration and reconstruction of the historical appearance