Until 1917, the cathedral was rich in jewels. According to the cathedral priest Gregory Levitsky, in the middle of the XIX century about 800 kilograms of silver, 8 kilograms of gold products, 322 diamonds were kept here. After the revolution part of this wealth was exported abroad by order of ataman A. P. Bogaevsky, the rest was plundered by various “requisitional” teams in the 1920s.

In 1894, at the direction of the spiritual consistory, a complete inventory of the church utensils of the cathedral were compiled, which allow us to present the wealth of the church and are an invaluable help in carrying out scientific and restoration work. About the Holy Gates in the metric states the following: “The main Holy Gates are forged of silver and gilded, with six silver nielloed icons. At the top is a silver shine with the nielloed image of God the Father and a silver-plated image of the Holy Spirit. Fringe on the edges of the Holy Gates with niello, decorated with flowers; a half-column in the middle is carved out of silver and painted with images of saints and cherubs with niello; at the top of the Gate, there are two crowns. There is an inscription on the Gates: These Gates are made by the task of the Don Army in the time of the military ataman Alexey Ivanovich Ilovaisky under the care of Zimnaya stanitsa village ataman and deputy Ivan Artemiev Yanov, and the goldsmith Vasily Ivanov worked in Moscow on June 8, 1781”. In the chapel of John the Baptist, the Holy Gates were forged from silver. Kneeling angels are on their leaves, holding stairs and a cross. Each leaf ends with a half-column and has three round-shaped niello silver columns on the top. The edges are decorated with flowers, on the white field at the bottom, there are stars and icons. At the top, there is God the Father and the Holy Spirit descending to the Virgin Mary. The inscription says: “These Gates were made at the earnest desire of the Don Cossack Brigadier Timothy Fedorovich Grekov to the glory of God for the Resurrection Cathedral chapel of the great Prophet and God’s baptist St. John in the memory of Timothy’s parents who died piously. Nowadays, the Gates have been completed by the diligence of his son lieutenant colonel Evdokim Timofeevich Grekov in December 1793”. A full description of the cathedral treasures can be found in the News of the Imperial Archaeological Commission. Issue 61. 1916